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Wed, Jan 19 2011 - 05:20 PM

How Do We Love Him?


Before reading this blog, please read this disclaimer:

This morning, I sat down at my computer, and the Lord spoke to me in the following blog. Now I never post something immediately after I write it. My gift is editing, not writing; and I have found that if I go over things several times before printing or posting, I am able to perfect what I want to get across. For that reason, I did not immediately post what I had written. So if you readers are struggling with your own issues or relationship with the Father, please know that I did not write it with you in mind. I had nothing in mind except to put "on paper" the words the Lord gave to me as He gave them.

Do We Love Him for Him?

Or do we love Him for us?

How many times has the Father disappointed you? How many times has He NOT answered your prayers? How many times have you prayed for your loved ones and they haven't turned. How many times has he NOT healed you or given you what you asked for?

I asked myself those questions this morning, and I didn't like the answers. Too many. Too many. Too many to count.

Then I opened my devotional: I Cor.13:13. "And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."

The next sentence in the devotional read: Spiritual maturity isn't measured by how long you have been a Christian, how much you know, or how often you go to church. Spiritual maturity is measured by the way you treat other people. It's measured by the love you allow to operate in and through you.

It was talking about loving people, but I was thinking about loving God. We beg, demand, and throw temper tantrums to our Father in attempts to get what we want and in anger when we don't. If it doesn't come in our timing, we say, "Well I prayed, but God didn't answer my prayer." The truth IS that we look at Him as some sort of Santa Claus. We don't even turn to God first. First we try to get what we what in the natural. When that fails, we pray. That is treating our Lord like a poor shopping experience. (I WANT to get it at Macy's but they have to order it and that will take too long so I will go to Penney's.) "Lord, this is what I want, and I want it by Saturday."

And when it doesn't come by Saturday, (or next month, or next year) we say, "I prayed, but God didn't answer my prayer." That, to me, is a pretty pathetic scenario. And, I'll be honest... it is most often MY scenario. And I am ashamed.

Do I have all the answers? I am the first one to tell you, "No! I do not." But I know what the Word says and I believe the Word. Just because I do not see what I am looking for does not mean the Word is not true. It does not mean that God is not caring about me or that He is not answering my prayers. It does not even mean that I am not in His thoughts or that He is not thinking about me. Deut. 32:10 and Zech. 2:9 indicate that we are the "apple of His eye". Why would he NOT be thinking and caring about us. Do you ever stop thinking or caring about your kids? I believe that what I must do is accept the way things are today for today; trusting that Abba has not forgotten me and is working for my best interest.

WHY things are the way they are? I don't know. But while I wait I will learn to increase in my love for God and for people. Because that is what I see the Bible telling me to do.

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