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Tue, Dec 21 2010 - 06:51 AM


This is a season where every person all over the world is
anticipating the arrival in some way or another of celebration
of our Savior's birth......only some are not listening, not quieting
there heart's and minds, not listening...not expecting...not hoping...
not waiting...upon the voice of God......

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparation of food,
buying gifts, cleaning homes, are we not to prepare our hearts
and minds for a special message from the Lord?
Jesus came here to earth, made Himself of no reputation,
Laid aside His glory for mankind, but was continually
praying and seeking the face of God...

The Holy Spirit is living inside of every believer in Christ,
And He's constantly saying come aside, draw near to Me,
Come for a refreshing, drink of Me, Eat of Me,
Drawing on His perfect love, and seeking His face,
We can redeem the time and bring fresh insight into our
lives and to others lives.

Many do not know Him, many believe they know Him,
And sadly they do not know Him......
We must learn to train our ears to hear, that we may know.......
We must ask Him daily not just at this time but all year long.......

Listening has become such a lost necessity
It's a rush rushed world no time, no ability to focus,
Constant barrage of noise, yet no one  is listening....
That still small voice Elijah you hear it?
That's the calm in the storm,
That's the peace that passes all understanding,
That's the joy of the Lord that is our strength,
That's the manna from heaven, the dew that distills, like drops of rain.....'s a necessity!

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
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