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Sun, Sep 12 2010 - 09:55 PM

It's Hard to Sit Still!


It's Hard to Sit Still!

Have you ever seen a little child on Christmas Eve? Probably most of you have. Maybe you remember when you were one! For some the tree was up that we helped decorate. For others the tree would be a beautiful surprise in the morning.

The year I got saved I had just had my 41st birthday. I walked in my back door one day to be struck by a strong fragrance of pine. The smell of a fresh-cut fir tree is not something you can ignore! Walking into the living room I discovered a floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree sitting in its stand in the corner. No matter that I had no ornaments... :) The gift and the fragrance were beautiful beyond description. So the following Sunday I had a party after church. We strung popcorn and cranberries and I served stew and Saltine crackers. A Christmas to remember!

As a child in a very poor family, I looked forward to getting one present and a stocking that had an orange in it as well as a few nuts (with shells). The only other thing I remember getting in my stocking EVER was the year I asked for a watch. A scruffy used timepiece came in my stocking but it didn't work. I was eight. I think Santa died that year.

Nevertheless, Christmas always spelled hope and excitement. Mom did her best, and we received one present from her (usually something new , and as the younger of two girls, new was important to me) and sometimes one or two things from relatives. So there was always SOME surprise to look forward to. But enough about me...

The excitement of Christmas... The excitement of Christmas never waned... no matter how disappointing the year before. That is what I feel now... the coming of the LORD excitement... well almost! As I watch Praize developing it is impossible NOT to get excited about what is on its way. It's like: STAY TUNED! or TUNE IN NEXT WEEK... Whether it is the unexpected flagrance of a beautiful fir tree, an unexpected addition to Praize, or the return of the Lord... Stay tuned!! C U Then! :)

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