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Sat, Apr 03 2010 - 04:33 AM

Tree Of Life

There's an angel of the Lord standing by the tree of Life,
And the saints of God are robed in gowns of white,
To all who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
The shelter of that tree gives glorious light.

In the midst from His throne is a sparkling river,
Just as clear and shining as a crystal sea,
streets of gold that shimmer, so transparent,
And the Lamb of God Who was slain at Calvary.

On a hill so long ago hung our Savior on a tree that had no leaves,
But as soon as His blood trailed down it's timber, the demon's trembled
And His death wrought victory!

Oh there is a Tree of Life that will shelter,
To all who will seek His life of love forever,
This Tree of Life is offered to all who will come,
This precious Lamb of God, Who paid it all,
Is still offering this life giving call.

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
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