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Mon, Sep 27 2010 - 07:08 AM

How Big Is God?

How Big Is God? 

Facebook was founded February 4, 2004. It has been in existence for six and a half years. It has 19,353,159 members. It will surely have twenty million by the end of this year! Think, if those members were all Christians, what a statement could be made for Jesus and Him crucified!

Friday I was talking to a member of the "Facebook Generation". I like that phrase. It refers to those people between the ages of twenty and forty. Praize is reaching those under twenty and those over forty. The group it has not been reaching is the Facebook Generation. It is the generation that is missing from Praize and missing from Jesus. We plan to remedy that!

I have been alluding for some time to a new face for Praize, and new things coming. Some of you "oldies" will remember the days of the Instant Messenger and what fun we had with that! That was the start of Praize. It was before the chat rooms. Well, I have been advised not to make any promises, but be assured, that whatever is coming, whatever we hook up with, it will be the latest and greatest.

So prepare to be amazed! And start praying now that we too can show the world that God's people can be givers. My personal prayer is that we can meet and surpass any donations that Facebook can make. My God is big enough!

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