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Thu, Dec 10 2009 - 09:30 AM

Happy Birthday Diana Marie"> src="" width=366 height=562 border=0>" target=_blank>

A window of opportunity lies ahead for you, each day of your life was special ,and your destiny is too, the Father has you seated  in heavenly places, after all He knew it from the beginning of the foundation, and oh the adventures still waiting for your race is not finished, and you must hold fast all of the promises and desires He's placed in you, look to the Lord from whence cometh your help.

The crown of coronation is just beginning, the glory in the Father resides in you, the hope of glory! Praise God He knows your rising and your lying down and is intimate and acquainted with you in all of His ways. The blue print of your life is so grand beyond belief, Happy Birthday Diana beloved daughter of Zion, beloved art thou and held in high esteem for you are beautiful in His sight.

Love you and many hugs and blessings Love, Bubbles

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