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Sat, Dec 19 2009 - 08:00 AM

When the King Takes Your Hand

When the King takes your hand He has, and holds your heart,
And He says, "Come, follow Me, for freedom I impart," don't
hesitate to say yes, for the greatest blessing that will unfold is
becoming a child of His, worth far more than gold.
Dancing with the Father is the greatest dance of life, He has captured
my heart, over and over again, each time I let Him lead, the greatest love
Of my Abba, is when He asked to dance with me.
I can't imagine my life without Him, for He's shown me wonderful things,
all about Kingdom Living, and what it's like to live a life, a life being free.
So let Jesus, the King take your hand, and He will hold your heart too, say
yes, and put on your shoes, for a dance of a lifetime, the greatest dance with
the King.
Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved
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