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Tue, Sep 22 2009 - 07:46 PM


My husband had shoulder surgery last week.  I had to change his bandages tonight.  It made me think.  He injured his shoulder by laying over his dirt bike and it was causing him pain and preventing him from being able to do all of the things he is capable of doing. 

So, the doctor had to do surgery.  In order to get better, my husband had to go through some additional pain on top of what he was already feeling.  He had to endure a few rough nights and he'll be left with scars.  His healing isn't complete yet so we have to keep the wounds bandaged to keep down the risk of infection.  The bandages don't heal the wounds from surgery.  God does that, but they do protect them.

As I sit here and think about it, life isn't much different.  We experience pain, we have regrets, we make mistakes, we sin and we "forget about God" at times going about our lives seemingly on our own.  As a result, we cannot be all that God intended us to be--all that we are capable of accomplishing for Him can't be done because we have injured ourselves emotionally and spiritually or we have been injured by others.  Either way, we need healing.

So, the Ultimate Healer steps in.  He knows that in His healing process we might have to endure a little more pain on top of what we are already going through.   He knows we will have a few rough days and nights as we struggle with ourselves, adjust to the new pain, and accept our Doctor's orders.  He knows we may end up with a few scars.  So, did He when He died for us.

But, Jesus also knows that with a few "bandages" such as the comforting and encouraging words of friends, our Bible, music, lyrics, and prayer, we can protect our healing wounds from being "infected" by Satan's lies.  We can help our own healing process.

In the end, our Healer knows that our wounds will heal, His purpose will be revealed and we will be more capable than we were before.  It is then that we can move forward to be all that He intended us to be.  Our Healer, Jesus always knows what is best for us.

Personally, Jesus has had to perform a few "surgeries" on me in my life time!  I tend to want to rush through my life on my own trying to fix everything in the process.  Sometimes, even in my darkest times, I forget to rely on Him alone.  But as I look back on those times of pain in my life, I understand now the benefit those times had on my faith.  Isaiah refers to those benefits as "treasures of darkness".

God is doing a new thing in our lives! He is forever Healing us and His death on the cross gave us freedom from all of our darkness, all of our sin, all of our pain and suffering. 

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Healing power.  Show us all the things we are capable of and all of the things You designed us for.  Help us to develop a passion for You will and let us be bold in our faith, daring to be different, determined to serve you at all times.  Reveal to us our next step and give us courage to move forward in it.  Amen

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