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Sun, Sep 06 2009 - 05:51 AM

God will change people

This morning service went on well. My church has only 25members I did not encourage myself to work on increasing the number. Since I am mostly traveling I found myself not being available to them when they want. But these few people love me a lot.

Suramma believed in the Lord. She was a idol worshiper and she has two girls and two sons. When I was sent to Vijayawada as missionary in 2004, she was worrying about her eldest daughter who got H.I.V. Her problem made her to approach me. They are new people to me. They know that Jesus is a christian God like they have their god. We prayed a lot for her daughter but she did not survive. But on the process the whole family except her husband and older son came to the Lord and baptized.

There is always a fight goes in the family. Now her question was why Jesus is taking this long time to change her husband who is also a alcoholic. Fight is still there since she believed in the Lord. To day what God talked to them in the church really made me peaceful. She is very happy today after three years. Holy Spirit is brilliant and God knows His time.

Peter in his first letter, 3rd chapter he talked about the woman and husband. Paul also in his letter to Timothy said that he will not give permission to woman to preach to husband. But Peter gives women a tool,  a silent preaching to husband. It is by her way of life. Off course it includes many other things but Suramma and other two women whose husbands are not willing to change, got what they want. I could see their faces shining while I was preaching. I am happy about that.

I hope their husbands will change soon. Praying for them but their wives also have a part in that.
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