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Sat, Aug 29 2009 - 02:54 PM

A Man of His Word

Have you ever noticed that there are not too many people that you can completely trust?  I mean 100% trust.  You absolutely, without a shadow of doubt know you can believe anything he or she says.  You can trust this person to always tell you truth and that he or she will always do exactly what he says he will do.


I have heard many describe that kind of person by saying, “he is a man or his word!” (Or, of course, a woman of her word.)  Being described that way is a compliment.  It really means that you would never doubt the person.  It says that you have faith that the man of his word will be honest with you and never let you down.  You can trust this person with your life and the lives of the people you love the most.


If we can feel that way about a handful of imperfect humans, shouldn’t we definitely feel that way about Jesus?   The Bible tells us that He is the truth.  That is way better than someone who just tells the truth! 


There is a great story in John 4 about a royal official who truly does trust Jesus as a “Man of His Word”.   You probably remember the story:  The man runs to meet Jesus and begs Him to come heal his dying son.  


“Please come quickly before he dies,” the man begs.


Jesus told him, “You may go.  Your son will live.”


Here is my favorite part.  The scripture says, the man took Jesus at His word and departed.  (John NIV)


He knew Jesus was a man of His word.  He didn’t think to doubt Him.  He didn’t stop to ask Him how He knew his son would live.  He didn’t ask Jesus to “prove it”.  He didn’t stop to ask others around them if they thought He was telling the truth.  He didn’t stop by the pharmacy and pick up some medication, “just in case”.   He didn’t ask 3 or 4 people for their thoughts on his son’s condition. 


He just took Jesus at His word!  He believed Jesus.  He trusted Jesus to always tell the truth.  It was just that simple.  When the man got home, he was greeted by family and friends who enthusiastically told him that his son was awake and better!   When the man asked when things “turned around”, they told him.  As it turns out, the timing was right at the moment Jesus said those words—“You may go.  Your son will live.”  But even more importantly, it happened at the same time in which the man took Jesus at His word.


As a woman, I like to be nurtured and protected.  I trust my husband.  If I am upset and he comforts me and tells me everything is going to be okay.  I believe him and I immediately feel better.  If he tells me something is safe, I believe him.  If he warns me to stay away from something or someone, I stay away.  I trust my husband as a man of his word.   It isn’t “hard” for me to trust him.  I just do.


What would our lives be like if we always just chose to trust Jesus in the same way as the man described in John 4 who simply “took Jesus at His word”?


We say we trust Him. 


We say we believe the Bible is His Word. 


Yet our actions are often very different from the man in the story.


Remember, he just took Jesus at His word and went home.  End of story.  Well, actually, it was just the beginning!  The son got better and the whole household became believers.  Just because one man took Jesus at His word! The son that got better didn’t know about the conversation.  The family that became believers didn’t know about the conversation until after the fact.   Yet, because he took Jesus at His word, his entire family benefited—for eternity!



What do we do?


The Word of God says, “Be anxious for nothing”.  We still worry and fret. 


The Bible tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us.  We still cry out “where is God” when times are tough.


In 1 Corinthians, we are told that we have victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!  Yet, we live as though we are defeated.


Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life.  But, we spend our time looking for “the answers” in books, other people and our own minds.


God says that those who hope in Him will never be disappointed.  We put our “hope” in lots of other people and things and usually end up disappointed.


As you know, the list could go on and on.  Sadly, most of us don’t just take Jesus at His word.


But we should. 


Those people that I talked about in the first paragraph, we trust them easy enough and they are just imperfect humans like you and me. They will make mistakes.  They don’t know everything but we take them at their word. 


So, I ask again…. What would our lives be like if we just took Jesus at His Word?


I, for one, really want to know!

My Prayer: 

Lord, help me to see You as a Man of Your Word.  You have never spoken a lie.  You have never let us down.  You already know everything about us and you see the whole picture—far beyond what our eyes can see.   You really do know everything.  You have proven your love for us by dying to protect us—even when we didn’t deserve it.  It seems as though it should be impossible to doubt You and easy to take You at Your word.  Yet, we struggle with it.  I don’t want to struggle with that any longer.  I want to be like the man in the story.  When I see it in Your Word, I want to believe it and move on.   If You speak to me, I want to simply take You at Your word and do what You say.  Help me to overcome my tendency to more easily trust a family member or friend than I do You-- my Creator, my Only Hope, my Redeemer, my Comforter, My Protector and My Savior. 


Remind me of this story from John anytime I don’t fully accept Your word as the truth —no questions asked!  Allow me to see how abundant life can be if I live by the principle that You are ALWAYS a Man of Your Word.  Amen.

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