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Fri, May 07 2010 - 05:48 PM

Mother's Day Praize

I wrote this today.  I was just about to go into a "no one cares about me on Mother's Day blues" because I cook for all of the grandmothers and Moms.  So, I work harder on Mother's Day than any other.  I was about to feel a little sorry for myself when God touched my heart.  What an honor to prepare a special lunch for my husband's 98 year old grandmother and the rest of my husband's family.  His grandmother is amazing and has certainly cooked more than her fair share of meal in her 98 years!!! 

As I thought about it more, I decided mother's day should not be just a day to honor mother's.  It should mostly be a day to honor God for giving us the chance to be mothers.......  

A mother’s work day never ends.  And even if she finds a moment to relax, her mind is usually on her family. 


Mom’s get tired.  At times it feels overwhelming, like we can never do it all.  Even if we do, it is not enough—not in our motherly eyes. The same old tasks can feel like a burden.  Sometimes it seems as though no one notices what we do. No one cares.  No one sees.


Take heart Moms!  Jesus knows.  Jesus sees.  Jesus feels what you feel.  He holds your tears in His hands—even those that never come to the surface of your eyes.  He is pleased.


On Mother’s Day, I think all of us Mom’s should take some time to praise God and thank Him for the blessing, the privilege and the honor of being a Mom.  He didn’t have to make us Mom’s.  Many never get the chance. 


I am grateful for all of those sleepless nights with a sick child.  I thank you God that I am the one my child trusts to care for him when he feels the worst.  Thank you, God that I am the one she needs to comfort her when she feels so bad that it hurts.  What a blessing to be “that person”!  Thank you, Jesus, that you picked me to be a Mom.


Thank you, Lord for all those dirty dishes piled up high waiting to be handled.  Those dishes are a sign of well-fed mouths and nourished bodies.  Thank you, Jesus that I get to be the one who prepares for them the food they need to grow and play and laugh and live!  What a blessing to be “that person”!  Thank you, Jesus, that you picked me to be a Mom. 


Those dirty clothes that I dread to wash are a sign of life—a moving, breathing, life—that you, the Lord God, our Creator, entrusted to me.  Me?  What did I do to deserve such a precious gift?  What a blessing to be “that person”!  Thank you, Jesus, that you picked me to be a Mom.


Sometimes I think that if I hear them scream, “MOM!” one more time that I’ll go crazy.  But, thank you, Lord that it is ME that they call!  They believe that I can “fix it”…no matter what “it” may be.  What a blessing to be “that person”!  Thank you, Jesus, that you picked me to be a Mom.


The crying, the fighting, the dirty diapers, the tween drama, the teenage rebellion, the sad days, the silly days, the cupcakes to bake, the projects to make, the creepy-crawlers brought inside, the 100th time we sang deep and wide, the messes, the prom dresses, the late nights and early mornings, the school traffic, the doctor’s visits, the day that never ends.  Thank you Lord, for all of it!  For all that I have experienced and all that is yet to come.  What a blessing to be “that person”!  Thank you, Jesus, that you picked me to be a Mom.


On this Mother’s Day, take a moment to close your eyes and say thank you for the amazing, incredible gift of being a Mom.  Then listen carefully.  Jesus is whispering in your ear.  Here what He is saying………


 “Happy Mother’s Day, Princess.  I knew you would be a great Mom and that no one could take care of my precious child like you. I see everything that you do.  I am with you every moment.  I know it is hard sometimes and no one seems to appreciate all that you do, but I know.  I see.  I made you for this.  When I created you, this was my plan.  You are blessed and you are a blessing.


You, too, are my precious daughter, my princess, my prized creation.  Thank you for taking on the challenge of being a Mom.  Well done, my good and faithful servant. 


I love you, Princess.  Enjoy your special day and thanks for remembering Me. I can see that you cherish being a Mom and I, too, am glad that I picked you for the job.”---Jesus.

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