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Wed, Mar 18 2009 - 06:46 AM

Introducing Vital Truth and Precepts

This book discusses many topics that Christians have questions about. Here is a sampling:

Godís Supremacy - Godís Sovereignty, Godís Tri-unity, Godís Creation and the Reality of Evil, Godís Omnipresence, Godís Benevolence, Godís Immutability, Christís Absolute Perfection

Godís Absoluteness and Implications Ė Absolute Love, Mercy and Grace, Absolute Truth, Absolute Goodness

God and Humans - Purpose and Prospects for Creation, Roles of Creation, Future Prospects

Culpability and Grace - Retribution and Recompense, Guilt and Innocence, Choice and Consequences, Sin and Detriments, Punishment and Justification, Rewards in Heaven

Inescapable Realities Ė Present Rebellion, Present Religious Confusion, Camps of Error, Foolish Contentment and Contentions, Present Assurance

Evidence of Worldly Entrapment- Temporary Human Obsessions, False Faith and Godliness, Counterfeit Knowledge, Errors of Another Gospel

Salvation - True Gospel and The Purpose of Calvary, Coming to Faith, Saving the Lost, Perfect Salvation, Response and Faith, True Godliness

Salvation And Freewill - Godís Love and Human Freewill, Purpose and Extent of Human Will, Human Will and Consequence

Salvation Realities - Reason and Responsibilities, Regeneration and Knowledge in Time, Sanctification through Time, Ultimate Glorification, Right to be Godís Children

Prayer - God and Our Prayers, Benefits of Prayer, Biblical Asking, Effectual Fervent Prayer, In The Name of Christ, Intercession of God, Our Intercessory Prayers, Right and Wrong Prayer Practices

Victory - True Faith Evidence of Victory, Conflicting Natures Evidence of Victory, Word of God Evidence, Full Joy Evidence, Universal Testimony Evidence

Vital Truth and Precepts Ė has been written to provide useful teaching and study content for:

Personal or group studies

Sunday school teachers

Bible Study group leaders Professors and students in bible colleges and seminaries

New Christians and even people who are not professing Christians might find it helpful in understanding the Christian faith.

For some, this book may be the beginning of a long-term exploration. For others, it may serve as the encouragement to continue in their commitment to the truth.

You could read pages from Vital Truth and Precepts. You may click on Google Book Search to search for this book on Google.

Or copy and paste this link below on to your browser to go to Google Books.

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About: Felix, under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am the author of Vital Truth and Precepts. I have also published several articles on varying topics of Interest to Christians.

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