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Tue, Feb 24 2009 - 05:12 AM

Burdened? Look Up To The One Who Created You

Burdened, heavy laden, I cried out, to the Lord,
Never any words, from Him,  but I felt His loving
arms, around me, blanketing me with warmth,
comforting, sheltering, overpowering love, no
kind of love, like this, given on this earth.

But when in my weakness, I faltered, and fell, once again,
He said, My child, lift up thine eyes, from whence cometh
your help,  for your help cometh, from the Lord,  oh, it's
not in your strength, it's not even, in what you can do,
but realizing, you are nothing, without Me, for all you
do, there is no condemnation, for those hid in Me, look
up to Your Creator,  and come, live, and drink.

Drink, and partake of My flesh,  oh it's communion time,
Abide in the Vine,  My call is for you, to come and dine,
River's of living water, refreshment anew, like the scrolls
that were eaten, sweet honey for you, like the oil in the
cruise of oil,  your vessel, shall be filled, overflowing on
to you, no need to labor, or strive, in Me, only to seek,
only to knock, only to find, fresh living water, beloved
come and dine.

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

Please forgive this mistake I couldn't correct it so you have to scroll way down to comment. Thanks Lisa

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