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Fri, Feb 06 2009 - 02:24 PM

God is watching

God is watching America closely after we elected a new president. I e-mailed Obama and congratulated him on the election. I asked him to get our country back to the basics -- God, family, and country. Obama said he wanted change -- getting back to basics would be a good start. Maybe, there is something positive we can get from this economic crisis. Money is a good thing to have, as it brings us food, house, clothing--things to survive.

It was sad to hear a man was laid off just a week or so ago became depressed with no job killed his family and committed suicide. All because of money. Now, this man could of embraced the situation and made the best of it. How does one make the best of it? Most likely, he couldn't pay for his mortage or rent, transportation, food, and support his family. He would apply for unemployment, which take four to six weeks to even kick in. So, maybe he goes to food bank.

I imagine it would be pretty hard. Perhaps, he needed God in his life. Perhaps, he needed to recommitt to God. Of course, being a Christian doesn't mean one wouldn't do something rash. The man had every reason to be upset. Who wouldn't? I couldn't imagine how I would react. I know I would put my burdens in Jesus hands. He would guide me and bring me to the provisions I would need. It may not come instantly as God truly has something for me to learn. Let's do find our way back to the basics of God. We need to reevaluate our priorities. We need to be creative with our finances -- take the bus, cut coupons, and help our neighbor.  

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