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Sun, Mar 29 2009 - 10:06 AM

This Meeting Place

In This Meeting Place

In this meeting place, there's a secret, that I am wanting to share,

It's hidden deep, protected, but it's always there, precious treasure,

Nuggets of truth, lay down at My feet, as Ruth, for I am your Boaz,

I am your Kinsmen Redeemer, you are redeemed bought with a love,

so deep.

No one could love you, like I do, no one could take, or see, what I see,

in you, no one knows, the things about you, or the longings, of your

heart, no one, would lay aside, their own desires, to find out, and it's a

love, that runs deep, and true, oh child, I know the deepest things of


So, meet Me in this meeting place, acquaint yourself, with all of My ways,

Encourage yourself, in the things of My heart, quiet your self, linger at

My feet, for it is in this meeting place, where all your needs, I'll meet,

humbly come before Me, kneel down, and worship Me, My child, this is a

very special place to be, in this meeting place, with Me.

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

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