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Sun, Dec 14 2008 - 05:42 AM

Last Night I Had This Dream~God Took Me To This Place~

God took me to this place, I knew not where I was,
A big building filled with rooms, nothing fancy, plain, but
huge, I saw people, milling around, some were talking amongst
themselves, and I remember asking for a friend, I knew, many
knew his name, and only one person, pointed to a place, where
I might find this friend I claimed.
But when I saw him, he didn't smile, he didn't even recognize
who I was, he just kept walking, and talking with his friends,
as if I was not around. I then was led to this one big room,
by the Spirit of God, and I saw nothing but children, and babies
laying three, to one bed, and old people, some look barely fed,
I touched the hand of a child, and she stirred softly in this bed,
and two babies beside her, looked malnourished, and underfed.
I thought dear Lord, what am I doing here, and why are these
living like this, and I sensed the Lord was saying, these are the
one's in America, whose needs are not met, these are My children,
many seem not to see, many see not to feed, these are the needs
of many, walking the streets, these are the babies, some die in
poverty. Even the elderly go without food, and clothes, some without
medicine, they exist from day to day, wishing and praying to come
home to Me someday. I know there are needs all over this world,
but let's not forget the ones, that are needy and crying right here,
for the Spirit of God showed me plainly, we must not neglect our own,
even for these He sheds His tears.
Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved
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