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Sat, Dec 13 2008 - 03:37 AM

A King Sent With Love

A King sent with love, the Holy spotless Lamb of God,

No place for Your head, no place in human hearts, no royal

inn, but a lowly place, one of submission, no lovely surroundings,

no palace for Him.

A simple manger, filled with straw, lying among the animals, but a

place filled with God's love,  humbling, yet peaceful, a hope that

filled this earth,  tidings of great Joy, were hearlded the night of

Your birth.

Even  the low estate of the shepherds that heard, were brought

to worship, for they knew of Your worth,  the wisemen that followed

that bright, and shining star, brought their wonderous gifts from afar,

knowing the  foretold prophecy's that were placed upon their hearts.

Oh how I wish they would have given You more,  but I know in my

heart, one day we shall see, that every knee shall bow, and worship Thee.

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved

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