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Fri, Dec 12 2008 - 07:09 PM

Jesus --fully human and fully God....

As Christians, we put a lot of focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ--and rightly so.   During the last few weeks, I have been really thinking about His birth and the amazing sacrafice He made just to come to earth as a human!

We display our nativity scenes and talk to our children about baby Jesus and how He grew up to a man and died on the cross to save our sins.  We focus on the sacrafice of His death when in actuality His entire human life was a sacrafice!

Think about it.  God came down to earth as a human baby!  He limited himself to human abilities.  He made Himself a tiny little baby fully dependent on His parents for survival.  How crazy is that!?  God, all powerful, all knowing, the very creator of life and the universe, CHOSE to come to earth as a tiny, helpless, poor baby---a very simple and humble beginning to His Master plan.  He WANTED to be near the ones He loved.  He WANTED to demonstrate love in its purest form.  He LOVED/Loves us that much!

I have been trying to "wrap my brain around that" and put it into perspective.  Here are some examples that I have thought of:

If you have a passion for the homeless, would you be willing to leave the comfort and beauty of your home to truly, honestly live as a homeless person, in the midst of those you have a passion for helping.   Would you "limit" yourself to sleeping under a bridge, when you knew you had a nice, soft, clean warm bed that you could go to?  Would you limit yourself to eating out of a trash can knowing that you had a pantry full of groceries at home? Would you wrap yourself in old newspapers to stay warm knowing that you had a brand new coat in your closet?  Would you leave your family behind just to be near the ones who needed you more?  And not just for a night, but for the rest of your life??????

If you have a passion for Aids victims, would you purposely contract the disease so that you could truly understand what they go through--even though you are perfectly healthy? 

If you have a passion for prison ministry, would you be willing to live in a jail cell for years as a regular inmate--even though you could leave anytime you wanted?

The above examples don't even come close to expressing the kind of sacrafice made when Jesus was born as a human baby and then lived the life of a human-- even though He didn't have too!  He could have spoke a mere word and eliminated His own personal suffering and made His human-experience worry-free and a piece of cake, but He didn't!   Jesus felt pain.  He got hungry.  He got tired.  He worked hard.  He probably got sick sometimes.  He experienced poverty.  He experienced the loss of loved ones.  He had to rely on human parents to take care of Him. He had to wait years to be able to speak because that is how it works for human babies!  He didn't have to do it.  He chose to limit himself in that manner.  While, He was fully human, He never stopped being God.   He had the BIG Mansion that He could go home to, but He chose to stay with us!  His prized creation.  The very people that He had and still has a passion for!  Isn't that amazing!    

When I look at a nativity scene now, I see it with different eyes.  I love the song, "Mary, Did You Know".   Clay Aiken did a version of it that is really beautiful.  As I look at a nativity, I hear the words of the song...... "Mary, did you know that when you kissed your little baby's face, you kissed the face of God."   The final line says something like..... "Mary, did you know that little child you're holding, is the Great.... I AM....... !  


Lord Jesus, thank You for the sacrafice You made when you chose to live among Your creations, limiting yourself to our way of life even though You are all-powerful, all knowing and nothing is impossible for You.  You gave up perfection in Heaven to live on earth.  When we call out to You, we know that You really do understand.  Let us never forget the love that was shown when You became a man.  You are truly amazing.  Amen      

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