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Mon, Dec 08 2008 - 01:05 AM

Alone No More!

Praise God! I have family again! I was raised in a large extended family. As some of you know, my first memories was of a neighborhood with my daddy. My maternal grandmother lived next door, with my three uncles. On the other side was my Aunt Ola and her family. In back of us my paternal grandparents, and my Aunt and Uncle in front of them. On the next street were my cousins. For the first 6 years of my life, I got away with absolutely nothing! But boy was there a sense of belonging.
I had an older sister, and a baby sister. The three of us lived with my Daddy after the divorce and Momma left to pursue her own life. My Granny's watched us, usually at my Granny B's  house, because my Grandpa  was ill and small children were not good for his health.
Even after Grandpa died it was Granny B's house where we were happy.

When I was 7 Momma began having other children, by the time I was 11, I had 3 more half brothers and a sisters, that we lived with when we stayed with Momma. We were a large family.
I use to think when I was young that it would be great to have time to myself, to be alone.

I married at 21, my Granny B came to live with me and my new husband. After a few years we adopted a baby, and our family was complete. All family came to my house to visit Granny, and have holidays with us.

I outlived my family, at 59 I found myself completely alone after my husband died. My son was in Montana, pursuing his own life. I was alone with 2 little dogs. Grief was overwhelming. I felt like Naomi. I wept before the Lord who promised to comfort the mourner.

Praise God! I have a family again now!
I would like to introduce to you the sweetest baby in the world.
This is Christian Joshua, my brand new Grandson! Praise God! A blessing I can not thank God enough for.

Even better Christian came with a big brother and a big sister!  My grandchildren of adoption who continue to grow in my heart. My life is full again. Praise God thank you Jesus!

Hard Times Come Again No More!

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