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Wed, Dec 31 2008 - 03:00 AM

When I Cannot See

Trusting when I don't see how the plan will come to be,

Trusting when I don't know, the steps You would have me take,

Believing that all things will be done according to Your  ways,

Trusting that when the well runs dry, You have an oasis on the other side.

Every day is a day of waiting, trusting believing, hoping,

When the impossible is possible, when the dreams loom too big,

You are the mountain mover, that can make all barriers removed,

You are the One, that can take dead things, and make them live.

I am trusting, waiting, hoping, dreaming bigger dreams,

I am believing, even when I don't see my circumstances change,

For You,  Oh God,  have promised,  Your Word  never fails,

Leaning, and Trusting, in You, for Your truth shall prevail.

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved

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