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Wed, Aug 27 2008 - 07:19 PM


A funny thing happened tonight, I got confused (no big surprise for most who know me) and thought my husband had class tonight.   So, I planned to take the kids out for Mexican.  My husband isn't crazy about our local MExican restaurant but we love it.  I very lovingly (giggle) left him a note that said:

Gone to LaFiesta for dinner.  There are leftovers in the fridge.  Love Ya! 

I can't help but laugh.  I really didn't think much of it.  He doesn't like LaFiesta and often when he has class, he'll grab something to eat before he goes and not be hungry when he gets home.   Well, tonight he was hungry and he didn't much appreciate the fact that didn't even offer to bring him something home from somewhere else-- I just offered him the leftovers! 

He was teasing me about it when I got home.  Poor thing.  He had to drive himself to WaffleHouse and get take-out because he couldn't bear to eat those leftovers!  : -)  When I reminded him that we had discussed that he normally picks something up on school nights, he said, "true, but I go to school on Thursday nights!"  We both had a big laugh out of it!  

After catching up on everyone's blogs, I sat down to write in my own.  As I thought and prayed about what I should write about tonight's  "leftover" event immediately came to mind.  The Lord gave me a nudge and made me think.....

I am embarrassed about how often I offer my "leftovers" to Jesus.   

I devote at least 8 hours a day to my job.  Then I spend time cooking and cleaning.  I try to get a little exercise in and on occasion I might watch a little TV.  Of course, I have to sleep.  So, how much time does Jesus get?  Usually what is left over.

I don't hesitate to stop by StarBucks for a Frappucino but I pass right by the homeless person begging on the street.   I'll spend money on my kids, but rarely seem to find the money to tithe consistently.  So, what does Jesus get?  If anything, only what is left over.     

I can read a magazine or book for hour at a time.  But rarely do I read my Bible for an hour straight--once again Jesus gets the leftover time.

I find the time to chat with colleages about the latest movie or work gossip but rarely do I talk about my faith.  Jesus gets the left overs.

I invite family and friends out to eat or to the movies, but I rarely invite them to church. Jesus gets the left overs. 

I guess you could say that very often I leave Jesus a note very similar to the one I left my husband tonight.......

Dear Jesus.  I am focusing on me today.  I'll get around to You and Your work if I have any time left.  Love Ya! Brandi

I don't want to be a "left over" Christian!  Jesus deserves my best.  He deserves more time, more energy, more money, more trust and more praise.  

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, thanks for having a sense of humor and using a funny situation to teach me something.  I know that I often "give you the left-overs" and You deserve so much more. Help me to better manage my time so that I can give You more. Help me to release burdens to You rather than spending time trying to "fix them".  Help me to spend my money wisely and focus on giving more than  selfish cravings.  I want to give you my best in everything that I do.  Forgive me for focusing on me and even on the people I care about more than I focus on You.  Draw me close and help me keep You at the center of my focus.  Thank you for loving me despite my faults.  Thank you that Your love for me doesn't depend on me and my actions.  You are worthy of so much more than I give You.  I praise You and I love You!   

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