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Wed, Aug 20 2008 - 07:40 PM

My Hiding Place

I was worrying about some things on my way to work this morning.  Big surprise!  I was feeling very burdened, near tears.  Terrible thoughts were racing through my mind.  My chest was tight and my stomach felt sick.  I was praying as a drove, wiping away the occasional tear.

Suddenly, I got this "visual".  I pictured in my mind, vividly what I was feeling.......

I was running.  Running away from the stress, heartache and problems.  I was running to hide from it all!   I ran to Heaven.  I jumped into the arms of Jesus.  I buried my face in His shoulder and cried.  As I sobbed, I said to Him, "it's too hard down there.  I don't like it.  I want to come home!"  

With His arms still safely around me, He smiled and tenderly said, "Yeah, I know.  It was hard for Me too."  

As you can imagine, the tears fell.  Jesus was speaking to me loud and clear.  I immediately switched my thoughts to His time on earth.  I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to be fully human but at the same time "remember" Heaven.  He knew what He left behind.  

I thought about all the tough times He had... growing up poor, working hard for little pay, facing ridicule, hatred, temptation and immense suffering leading up to His painful, horrible death on a cross.  

Talk about hard!  Of course, He wanted to go Home!  Yes, it was hard! But He NEVER gave up!  He trusted God.  He prayed often.  He asked for a way out, but He trusted God's decision and His timing.  He never, ever doubted His Heavenly Father.  He did His job.  He served His purpose.  He gave up EVERYTHING for us.

When I put it all into perspective, for that moment, I realized that my burdens not as big as His were.  I believe that many of the things I am feeling or experiencing--He actually felt on the cross. 

(Note:  Please don't misunderstand me.  I am NOT and was NOT having suicidal thoughts! I was just at that point of being so "tired" that I felt like hiding for the day to cry it out and rest.  And since I ran to Jesus, deep down I knew that He was/is my "hiding place") 

As I prayed and thanked Jesus for speaking to me in such a special way, I remembered that He is right there with me--literally residing in me as His Holy Temple.   He loves me.  He loved me enough not to run home.  I can only Praise Him! 

Later in the afternoon as I was sitting in my car, waiting on my son, I flipped open my Bible.  It landed on Psalm 9-verses 1 and 2.

I will praise You, O' Lord, with my whole heart.  I will tell of your marvelous works.  I will be glad and rejoice in You.  I will sing and praise Your Name, O' Most High.

Despite my burdens and worries, God has done amazing and wonderful things in my life.  Even within the burdens, I see treasures.  I know that all of these "bad things" will ultimately be for good because God loves me and I love Him.  Life is hard.  Jesus knows that first hand!  Deep in HIs Heart, He knows, He really knows. 

I am just so grateful to the Lord for speaking to me so clearly today.  I shared my heart with Him and I feel as though He shared His with me.  

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for speaking to me today.  I feel as though You shared Your heart with me as you helped me visualize myself running to my "hiding place" and finding myself in Your arms.  Thank you for not condemning me for being burdened and not fully releasing my worries to You.  Thank you for reminding me that You already know what is going on in my life and You have promised to give me the "desires of my heart" if I earnestly seek You.  You know my desires and will not fail me. I have to trust Your promise--not what I see with my human eyes.  Thank you most especially for staying on earth to fulfill your purpose--even though it was hard and even though You could have done it so many other ways.  Draw me closer and closer to You each day.  Give me words to speak to those I love that will help them draw nearer to You.  Bless my family and friends and show them great favor. 


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