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Thu, Aug 14 2008 - 06:52 AM


I-35 bridge collapse and restoration
Frank Gresham

To the beloved of Christ,

Expectation! Hungry! Thirsty! Anticipation! The Moving of the His Spirit is here! You can smell Him, feel Him, Hear the angelic Choirs, Can you sense His presence, can you see the crack in the Heavens, Can you draw near the throne of Grace.

There is more than we are experiencing in our churches, homes and ministries. There is more of Him, Mysteries being revealed, glory falling like gentle rain, a dew of His glory, a presence of The Holy spirit, to fill and empower all who open the door.

Awake arise, oh sleeper, Stay awake, Prepare the oil and the lamp, await His splendor..

Rise walk in the fullness of Christ.

Yesterday, as I was leaving Minneapolis I had to detour around the I-35 bridge. This is the one that collapsed one year ago this month. The Lord said, “This is the work of my adversary, the enemy of man, he has seen man’s ability to hear from the throne of a the word of I-35 and the outpouring that is coming. With connection from Duluth to Texas passing and encompassing IHOP in Kansas City. The enemy sent a sign the division was his tool to stop this glory light of the highway. To destroy and bring division to the prophecy. But unity has rebuilt quicker and better. This is a sign of the emerging church. Unity, with resolve, ability to reconstruct the falling bridge. With a creative heart, industrial ability to pour out and rebuild the ruins, to repair the breach.” The Lord finished with this, “A seventh day has evolved, a day of rest and seeing My provision, My glory cloud that leads, the fire that burns to guide. My body is learning to follow My cloud and fire, not man’s drive and ego. Rest in Me and know that I am your God, Lord, Master Friend, healer, restorer, and love.”

In Christ Pastor Frank


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