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Sat, Mar 15 2008 - 08:13 AM

What Do You Think?

What do you think?  That sounds like a simple, innocent question and most of the time it is, but if you really dig deep there can be a lot more to it. 

What do you think?  What do you think about?  Really, what is on your mind alot?  When nothing else is going on, what pops into your head? What do you think of yourself?  What do you think of others?  What do you think of God?  What do you think of HIs Word?  What do you think of the person sitting next to you in church? Do you think the Lord will really answer your prayers?  Do you think He is listening?  Do you think He cares?  What do you think is going to happen to this country in the years to come?  What do you think is going to happen to gas prices?   

What does "think" even mean?  Since I cannot put my hands on a dictionary at the moment, I'll do my best.  It really means "what are your thoughts"?  In other words, what does your mind tell you, what do you believe to be true.  Afterall your thoughts, what your mind tells you, is your reality.  It is the reality that you live with and deal with.  

Our minds are rarely quiet--especially when we really want them to be! Thoughts race through our minds constantly--defining our reality of every little detail, every situation we face--every aspect of our lives.

Our thoughts control us--whether good or bad.  It is our thoughts that determine our behavior and our actions and ultimately our happiness--or lack there of.  Unfortunately, Satan likes to control those "thoughts" as much as possible.  It is up to us not to let him! OR at least to stop him as soon as we realize that he took over! 

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--His good, pleasing and perfect will.   Romans 12:2

Notice the words I highlited--be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  I love that!  Transformed--completely changed, different, from one thing to another. Like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.  Renewing--to me means "fresh", starting over.  We often think of renewing something that is old or expired, like renewing a credit card or library card!  The new card is shiny and clean--with a brand new expiration date sometime in the future. 

With those "thoughts" in mind, this scripture took on new meaning to me.  The "pattern of this world" is Satan's way.  It is the way of worry and anxiety.  It is the "its all about me" mentality.  It is the "do whatever makes you feel good" and that is okay attitude.  The pattern of this world is Satan's way of keeping our thoughts out of tune with God's.  These thoughts cloud our minds and our judgment.  They make us tired (think old and expired!).  They make it difficult for us to "hear" God and know His will. 

But the good news is that we do have a choice!  We can gain control of our thoughts!  And this is just what this verse tells us! 

In my own words, I think the verse is saying: 

Get control of your thoughts.  Completely change the way you think.  If you catch yourself thinking Satan's way.  Stop and refocus.  Change the thought.  If you continually do this, you will get a fresh perspective on things.  You will feel different.  You will react differently.  When you transform your thoughts to be in line with God's Word, your relationship with Christ will be renewed!  You will be able to hear Him and determine His Will for you and you will be happier!  (Brandi's version of Romans 12:2) 

Another great verse that confirms all of this : 

To be made new in the attitude of your minds.  Ephesians 4:23  

So much of our emotional pain, distress, hopelessness, confusion and "battle" to discern God's will comes from within us--our minds, our thoughts and our attitudes!   We have to change our mind! 

Women, in particular, are great at changing their minds when it comes to shoes, clothes, where to eat for dinner or what movie to see.  We are not so good at "changing our mind" when it comes to negative thoughts or thoughts not in line with God's--even when it is hurting us.  It is hard to change our thoughts. 

Bottom line:  it takes practice, determination and prayer!  But, it can be done.

It may be overwhelming to try and change all of our "expired" thoughts and worries at the same time.  That is okay-- Romans 12:2 says "renewing of our minds"--as in constantly. It does not say, we check in once, renew our thoughts and then we are good to go for the next 7 years!  It really is a daily--even moment to moment renewal of our thoughts one-by-one as we recognize that thought as not in line with God's Word. 

One reason I love these verses so much is that it puts us in control.  We control our thoughts --not our circumstances, our friends, our co-workers or even Satan.  Our thoughts are a part of the "free will" given to us by our gracious Heavenly Father.  We choose our thoughts!  WE cannot always control our circumstances, but we definitely choose our thoughts.  Of course, we are not in this alone.  God is right there!  He will glady help us.  

Jesus said, why are you troubled and why do doubts rise up in your minds?  Luke 24:38

Jesus is ultimately saying--there is no reason to be troubled so why did you let your mind -your thoughts get the best of you!  

He is ALWAYS with us.  He ALWAYS hears us.  He will ALWAYS answer us.

Because He turned His ear to me, I will call on Him as long as I live! Psalm 116:2 (He hears our prayers and He hears our thoughts!)

The Lord says....he will call upon Me and I will answer him.  Psalm 91:15

Because he loves me, says the Lord, "I WILL rescue him; I WILL protect him for he acknowledges my name.  He WILL call on me and I WILL answer him.  I WILL be with him in trouble and I WILL deliver him and honor him.  Psalm 91:14-16

We have a promise ..... God WILL help us.  God not only doesn't break His promises.  He CANNOT break them.  It goes against who He is-- He is THE TRUTH.  

So, we have all the help we need as we work on changing how we think! But we do have to work at it.  It doesn't come naturally.  Even if it did, Satan would be in there jumping up and down trying to shake things up!  We just cannot let him.  Everytime Satan tries to control our thoughts, we have to "check in" and "renew" our "thought card" so the we can change the way we are thinking in that situation! 

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for Your Word and for using it to speak to us--always at the perfect time.  Thank for clearly telling us that our minds and our thoughts get in the way of our relationship and conversations with You.  Thank you that there is a way out!  Thank you for giving us the will and ability to recognize and change those thoughts with Your help.  Thank you for the promise that you will help us if we simply acknowledge You and ask for help.  

Lord, I pray that You will grant us a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know You better so that our thoughts may more often be aligned with yours and so that I will recognize Your will for me. (Ephesians 1:17-23)

REmind me to visit YOu at the cross daily so that I remember the sacrafice You made for me and that I'll remember just how much You love me.  I have no need to worry or be afraid.  Someone that loves me enough to suffer as You did, surely loves me enough to guide me day-to-day.  Thank You.


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