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Mon, Mar 10 2008 - 04:56 AM

Take Me To The Garden Tomb

Take Me To The Garden Tomb
Take Me To The Garden Tomb Sunday, March 9, 2008 - 11:09 AM
Take Me To The Garden Tomb
Early I walked to where they laid my Lord, and I saw the stone rolled away, and as I stood at the entrance all I could do was weep, for where He had lain, was now empty and bleak.
Where had they taken My Lord? What had they done with His body? And as I knelt down and peered inside, behold, two angels in white. Why are you weeping? For it is just as He had said, He is not dead but Alive!

Off in the distance a man I did not know, said Woman why art thou weeping?
I thought it was the gardener and all I could cry, where have you taken My Lord?
Just please tell me, where have you taken Him, and I will take His body away.

Still I did not know Him, still I could only cry, until I heard Him speak my name. My name He knew my name, Raboni it is You, You are Alive! I reached out to touch Him, and He said do not touch Me, for I have yet to ascend to My Father, but Mary You are truly My daughter.

Rejoicing and running to the desciples, I saw Him, He's Alive, today there is hope everlasting, for He's Risen!, tell everyone that you see, tell Peter, He's truly Alive, forgiveness and mercy, love and compassion, is here for you today, He's Alive!

Lisa Beth Jenkins Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved
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