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Sun, Mar 09 2008 - 11:00 PM


Pray that I make # 1 and get moved in SOON, so I can get some order back into my life. Also for the reason that I am living alone in the same apartment that my soon to be ex husband has a key to still, and I have an abuse protection order on him. The apartmetn I am waiting to get into is down the street o nthe same street I am on now.

The court kept the restraint order, it expires on my husband  april 18th...

and there will be a hearing  about if he will pay  alimony, and  the disputes we have over debts.

the day of that last hearing is the day we are legally divorced.

he left me though in a pile of bills i cant pay adn i can keep the utilities on but not pay rent, and so will be evicted, he also sdid nto pay for at least 2 months of utilities and his half of rent for 2 months befroe h left hte house.

Til recently i had no money for food

but GOd provided what i neede,d not what i wanted. i did have food htough....

but i will have money to pay utilities and food adn not rent agian this next moonth, and will be evicted, so pray that God  has a place fo r me to go adn that i d onot end up homeless. medically i caoudl not handle that ow....

there is so much i have to do , even get glasses , and i do nto have money for it, only the utilities adn food and child support , and  no money to move either....

i need prayer, this all happened right after the pastors wife and i wer ogn to start a godo nes club in the church, and hse andher hsuband are gone now.moved away.

pray for God to guide me to where he wants me to be ok

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