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Sat, Jan 26 2008 - 07:34 PM

Special Day....

Every day is my special day. Always looking forward for a new day.  I thank God for the place that He supplied for me.  I thank him for my food in my table, bed to sleep, special water that He gave me every single day.  Sometime little things like this it may not be big for somebody to thank for but,.. I do.

If we compare ourselve to another people can't hardly have anything. We will know what they are feeling right now. Sometimes people will not able to feel things like this unless they are in those position.

I want to thank God regardless that He blesses me everyday or not.  Whether is good or bad.  I still want to praise Him.  Every day I love Him.  The years, months, days, hour, minute, and second.  I want to give all to Him.  The bible tells us praise Him in the good and bad times.  Just like Job.  Job is my inspiration  what he went through his life.

He recognize the goodness of God.  One thing about Job doesn't compromise. He speaks what he believes and what he knows about his God.  I refused to bargain or to compromised when it comes watered the word of God down.  I refused to speak partiality when it comes to tell the law of God.  Only God's policy that I will obey in this hour.  I love Him today.  Today is the best of my life.  I appreciate all things what God given me.  I love you God with all my heart!

Written by: Victoria

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