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Sat, Jan 12 2008 - 07:33 AM

Where is the sunshine?

where is the sunshine go? Well we cannot have everything what we want sometimes. Might as well get over it and get use to it!  Sometime we want everything in perfect and sunshine all the time. God knows what He is doing. This picture so pretty can you imagine how God place all the treasure of the snow. Amazing if you look the snow in a micro. You will see all the different type of designs.

Can you imagine how God created them there is no one pair are all look a like. Can you imagine that!  That is really make you shout! Sometime our eyes can be decieving.  Thank God He allowed His creations to be researchable. Without searching His creations what we gonna do?

God did not place all the trees without you finding something interesting facts. Just like when allowed the snow and God wants you find the fact of snow and you will be amaze how much you can learn to the natures of God given us. Beautiful intricate piece of snow amazing!

Can you imagine the beauty that brings the earth no man can really see the beauty untill they are willing to be used by God. Just like the snow God wants the science to reveal the secret of God. When snow been discovered the details, and intricate beauty of each, there is none piece look a like. Can you imagine that!

That is really makes me shout!  Can you imagine how the heaven will be look like. Whe we see the beauty of the earth we can smile with a wide sunshine in our face. Feels like God given us the sunshine inside of us that no man can see it! it might be gloomy from the outside but God given us the sunshine in the inside!

Praise the Lord when you down and up!

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