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Sat, Dec 29 2007 - 11:45 AM


  India: a land of rich cultural heritage and of great contrasts. The rich and the poor live side by side, and yet, miles apart, separated by a caste system that  determines their lives. At the bottom of the caste system, the Dalits, considered less valuable than a cow, do all the servile works. They are told that God does not love them, and that their social condition is due to their sins in "previous lives". The best that they can do, the caste system says, is to accept their fate without trying to get out of their society-imposed destiny.

 But God in His eternal Word says something different. The Bible says that every human being is created by God after His own image.  God says there is only one life, and after that death and judgement. God loves every person and has made a way to restore the lost relationship with God. We do not have to go into self or society imposed punishments to get rid of sins. The price has already being paid through the death of Jesus Christ. He is the only hope for India and for the whole world.

Pray that those who are enslaved without knowing the truth may be set free. Pray for the millions who walk in darkness. Pray for the oppresed, downtrodden and deprived of any hope. Pray that they may come to the Light!!

There is hope for India.!!! JESUS is the only hope for this great nation.

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