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Fri, Dec 28 2007 - 06:00 AM

Seed That Never Dies.. your heart

 I had a friend of mine died.  I called him Papaw.  I believe Papaw died on Christmas day this year 2007. We have a good memory sharing those good times.

Seed that God given us to distribute the good works to people.  When you love people the action need to be done immediately.  No need to wait to take action.

Since I was under supervision of my pastor, pastor the one who control the physical church.  I have to let him know the need of the sorrounding areas.

The first thing that I did to cry out to God about those people that are in need.  I can give them food, but I could not give them ride because my car is very limited people who can sit in the back. It can only hold 5 people with the seatbelt.

I explain the situation to the Pastor that ...I been picking up this people in my little car like a sardines.  They are on top each other just to get a ride.  I had beg him to get a Van for the church ..and I will contribute some money.

The bible tell us to submit ourselves to those has the authority which is called government, kings, etc.. You know seatbelt is the most commanding rules in all over the nations.

I begin to ask God first and told God this people that we pick up each Sunday, Thursday, and different days needed a  transportation.

It was May 1996 I ask my pastor to get a Church Van to pick up this people.  I told him I will start making payment and the rest they just have to provide the rest of the payment.  I contribute $600.00 and made this payment little by little. 

My first payment was June 1, 1996 made $120.00 and my last payment was Jan. 11, 1998.  I thank God that He made away for me in order to help those people out. I don't make much money but little I have I will share just to help those are in need.

The first driver of this Church Van was brother Tim, second was brother Robbie, third brother Allen which I called him Papaw.

Amazing the seed how can distribute to people.  How Papaw did a good job picking this people up.  We may not able to pick up people when you and I beginning to see the need.  We need to approach God's first.

Do you know the Van Church still picking people up today is the 2007.  The Van they are using is been eleven years now.  Still moving on... Hopefully they will get a new one.  All we need a person who will ask God for the needy.

Bro. Thomas is the church Van leader now picking people up.  Because the seed pass to another seed.  This type of seed will never die.  This type of seed will continue serving God wherever they go.  The seed need to be planted everywhere we go. 

Whatever brother Allen did to people , whosoever those people will also do the same way.  Whether they go from country to country, or just stay where they stand.  Because when we cry out to God we see the need of the people.  God will bless those seed even though is only a Van church they we request.  The Van Church has alot's of works to recognize.

Because when I was with brother Thomas we  pick up those people are so poor.  Some has no home, some has no food.  I beginning to see the need of this people.

This is the main reason God has to place the church inside of our hearts in order to provide the needy.  Just like the bible tells us not to neglect to assemble ourselves to those that we see the need of the people.  Not only the physical church that we go to.  We need to stretch our seed more further to those outsider of the church just like when we pick them up every corner of the city that we are in.

Jesus did not came to the righteous but.... He came to those sinners like you and me.  Jesus did not label Himself in one corner.  But He distributed to all that are in need.

Papaw if.... you can hear me or read my blog today.  I just want to thank you for sharing your life and ministered to others.  The seed will grow more and more because the Van.  Maybe someday they will buy a new van to provide to those are in need of transportation. I love you Papaw.

We might not able to drive the Van but...there is always you can do other things for God.  Whatever your little talent, a mustard seed that God given you and I.  Just use that little.... then what?

Matthew 25:21   
    His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

The seed that never dies..... your heart is your treasure.  Jesus said, over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things.  That is realy true.  I only ask for a van church.  God gave me the van for the church.  Not only God gave the van he assign those people that who can minister to those people that are in need.  The seed is our actions, seed that we cry out to God, the seed that will always pass it on to others, the seed can grow like a tree, and multiply more seeds, seed that never dies .... in the hearts of men. 

Good seed will always pass it on to others.  What they see on us, if they see a good things.  Recognize the God who gave all the increase.  Is not because of me or others.  God can only give the water to water and make it grow those seed. Thank you God for the seed that you place in my heart that can pass it to people.

There is one person also in this ministry sister Kathy.  Sister Kathy does alot's of work for people.  She loves contacting them.  She might not able to read her bible. But it doesn't stop her by loving God.  She will invite people to come to physical church then, she will call the van driver who will pick them up.

I always tell her is not because you can't read the bible doesn't mean you can't do anything for God.  You can always use what God gave you.  One thing she love talking to people that is her gift.  Did not matter who you are she will talk to you.  Seems like you known her for years and years.  She brought alot's of seed.

I used to remember that she invite people comes in our house then I give bible study for those people that she brought in my house.  One time we have atleast 21 people inside our house nothing but stranger people and we cook and feed them plus feed them spiritual food.  I believe that was the year of 1995 if I am not mistaken.  Sister Wanda and Jose helping me to teach the bible study. 

These are the seed will never die.  Will always pass it on to others. God is good.  He is the only one who can give the increase.  The increase seed belong to God.  True seed is your heart that loves God. Your heart will always loves those people that are in need wherever you and I go.  True Church is our Heart.  God lives inside of our hearts. God communion with us called Holy Ghost that guided us wherever we go.

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