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Thu, Dec 13 2007 - 09:42 AM

court update

This morning was the 9:30 am court status conference at the local family court. I appeared ALONE since my husband never got out of bed to go with me. I consider that one more nail in the coffin of our marriage. The conference was for New York and Vermont to collaborate on whether New York or Vermont will continue jurisdiction on the restraint order (abuse prevention order) case that has been in Vermont. It was decided that all of the court stuff about my ex husband and the abuse order and the visitation will now be CONSOLIDATED in NEW YORK. The request being made on the abuse prevention order is that I want it changed so that my ex-husband is not allowed to call my house for anything. My husband (present) and I each filed for modification of the present order to make sure that my ex is not allowed to use the loophole of contact about the kids for calling and mentioning the kids so that he can just abuse, harass, and threaten further. IF he is allowed to do that why have the restraint order. Why not pray a car accident on his butt so he is out of commission enough so he cant have the energy to do that crap anyway..,..well, my husband better watch his step when he wakes up. If he asks me what happened in court I will tell him to go there and ask. IF he was so interested he would have WENT and NOT MADE ME GO ALONE!!! This was about an abuse prevention order that my husband has (not only the one I have) on my ex-husband.

I am so sick and tired of my husband leaving so much stuff up to me on my own …..especially in my condition.

The NY court needs a copy of the APO. Article 8 and 6 in New York was also mentioned by the judge over there. By the way, I ws at the local Vermont court and my ex was at the NY court….with my ex present and pro se, while my court appointed NY lawyer was present. I do not even know what this all means. Do I get help with the restraint order in NY now?

January 24th at 1:30 pm is the next court date in New York. I am required to be there in person. My husband is as well. It is not only me and the kids dealt with over there now…it is also the restraint order each of us has on my ex husband.

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