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Wed, Dec 05 2007 - 07:57 AM

drifting is dangerous

drifting from God's purpose for our lives  can be self-destructive and there is always the danger of getting too close to peril,and,therefore ,sooner the mid-stream correction  the better for us ;never forget to focus on the compass or rudder ;you can always sail better and safer by submitting your will to the Will of God;you have any testimony to share here please?
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mog57 - 6 years ago

In the past I have drifted away from Gods presence, and man I have gotten eaten alive by spiritual mosquitos, and the bites were nasty. yet in Gods love He always took me back. In this I am learning to abide better then before, however even as a minister of the gospel I at times find my self distracted.Looking unto the Author and finisher of my faith, I know I will be just fine.