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Tue, Oct 02 2007 - 11:18 AM

A lot going on

Hey everyone, It is well past time for a new post so here it is.  Congrats to K, E, and G on your baptistm last sunday night.  It sure is great to see3 JaM class folks getting saved and starting thier new life following God's plan.  Oh and by the way, K's b-day is tomorrow, and we will be celebrating Planktons as well, her's is Sunday.  Hopefully C will be there tomorrow and we can say H>B to her too, her's was last Sunday. 

Guys we are really blessed with a good, strong, biblical church that really cares for kids, you guys take advantage of it and be as involved as possible.  There really is a lot going on right now.  We have the JR high and SR high corn maze coming up.  Also the Christmas play is starting to get organized.  Volleyball every other Tuesday, and a whole lot more!!  Come to church and get all the details of everything.  Oh and I forgot, Sunday morning we will be starting a new Bible study on discipleship for a few weeks.   It should be really good. Remember we will starting a new emphasis on memory verses too, so be ready for that.

Invite your friends and get them involved, let's reach more, and more, and more!!!

Have a good week guys, and let's get some good conversations going on here. 


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