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Fri, Sep 28 2007 - 11:04 AM

The Keeping Power of God

"The Pathway is broken, and the signs are unclear, and I don't know the reason, why you brought me here. But because You love me, the way You do, I will walk through the fire, if You want me too. I'm not the same person when I took my first step, and I'm clinging to the promise You're not through with me yet..."   Excerpt from a song on a compliation CD I have.  I don't know the singer's name but this song has captivated me in a way that I feel God is speaking to me and yes, I will walk through the fire if He wants me too.

Well, praise God!  It's been a while since I posted here. So much going on and so many praises to God.  Our son moved back from Myrtle Beach and I was extremely stressed out since I didn't want to let him move back into the house without him having a job so he could lay around, play Nintendo or PlayStation or whatever other game system we may have, and eat food or sleep all day.  So his dad and I didn't let him move back in and he was staying with his daughter's mother which wasn't good. Plus, he had a warrant out for him becuase he missed court about a year ago and while I wanted him to resolve this issue, I didn't want him to come back here without the bail money because I didn't want him to go to jail and we wern't going to give him the money since we felt it was his responsibility.

Well, I had been praying to God that he would send Richard someone that could influence him and help him come to know God better since Richard doesn't really listen to me much, being nearly 21 and of course, being a "know-it-all" like most 21 year olds!!  Well, Richard has an ex-girlfriend who drove down to Myrtle Beach and got him and brought him back. He really has loved this girl for a couple of years and while he was away, they still talked and saw each other when he came back to visit.

So Richard got a job with this guy who owns a painting and wallpapering company. Well, the guy is a Christian and goes to a church that is similar in theology to ours and has been preaching to Richard and has had him in tears a couple of times and he went ot church on Wednesday with the guy! Well... Ya know, here I am railing about why God allowed Richard to come back here, not realizing that He was answering my prayers!  I hate it when I think I need to help God run the universe!  He did, very gently correct me and remind me that I DID pray that He, God would send someone to Richard. ***chuckle***  So, OK, God, I'll step aside and let You be You.

Well, Richard asked the girl to marry him. Now, I have always REALLY liked this girl and I approve, I just wish that he was a little more settled. However, her parents gave him 75% of the money that he owed for his bail and I went with him to court when he turned himself in on Tuesday. He just needed to pay the bail, thank God they didn't send him to jail, but we prayed together before court and I prayed when he went in the court (they don't let anyone else in since it's family court...even though I'm mom...)

So, we let him come home since he's working and he's agreed to pay some rent and he wants to go to church with us on Sunday! I continually have opportunities to witness and be a light for which I am grateful.

I will continue to praise God for He is faithful and just.

With love in Christ,


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