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Thu, Sep 27 2007 - 09:50 PM


In one of my post  I posted about taking a fall.  I saw the surgeon 5 days after the fall, he took the splint off of my wrist wrapped it in an ace bandage, told me to come back today. It was extremely painful the first couple of days because I wouldn't let them prescribe pain pills. It took a few days but the pain was almost completly gone, I could take the ace bandage off ever so often when I had to do dishes, or develop film in school, or keep up my websites.

Today I went back to the surgeon so he could do Xrays, nearly a month after the fall. It seems that it was broken after all. Over my protests, he immediately casted it. He said it had to be immobilized, and since I had been using it, he wouldn't even put a brace on it I could take off.
I praise God though, I remember how painful my ankle was before they casted it, this was not that painful. I still claim he makes my bones strong!
Praise God

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