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Thu, Sep 20 2007 - 09:07 PM

Running With/In The Lord

Running With The Lord

Today I went running and I, again, wore my head phones to listen to my Christian music. Enjoying the outdoors means enjoying our Heavenly Father, the Alpha and Omega, Creator of all things. I seek the Lord when I run. It's my time to commune with Him,  meditating on His word through my music. The lyrics are comprised of scripture; hence, I stay in the word when I run.

I stay in the word even as I run along side the cars and pass by the retail and office buildings. These man-made structures for some people are probably viewed as  nuisances or distractions from God.  Today,  I didn't view these structures as such.  Instead, I looked beyond the obvious and thought how all man-made structures are constructed from materials created by God.

Scripture tells us to seek the Lord with all our heart, mind, and soul.    I cannot think of anything more pleasurable and uplifting than to seek Him.   If we look for the Lord where ever we are,  He is there.  We cannot miss Him for He is in everything, including every breath and heartbeat.  Each breath and heartbeat is a blessed miracle from God.

"Lord, may each breath we take and each heartbeat you bless us with reflect our utmost, heart-felt praise, glory, and honor to you!"

Today I did something a little different.  I was focusing on the "atonement," so I quietly asked the Lord to show me a Cross that would be unique and boldly stand out for me to recognize as a sign from Him.  I have asked the Lord for a sign several times.  He answered with a Sparrow .   I began studying my surroundings, looking for that Cross as I ran. There on the ground were sticks in the shape of the Cross. I looked up and saw a picket fence consisting of Crosses. I thought to myself, "Lord, these Crosses have always been here. I have passed by them before."

You see, I wanted something unique.

Something unique was not His will because I could not not find a unique Cross.  Instead, I heard this voice within me say, "Yes. these Crosses have always been here and I have always been. How many times have you passed me by?"

I could not find a unique Cross, but I had received this subtle message that I was overlooking Him.  I began looking at all the Crosses that have always been. My attention immediately went to the telephone pole I was passing.  I became very aware of it's cross-like form, and so I tried to relate the pole back to God.  I began to ponder over the purpose of the poles and how they serve to  keep us connected to people.  Relating this concept back to God, I thought how the Cross keeps us connected to God.  I like that telephone pole.

Where else could I find a Cross?  In the cracks of the road, of course.  How can anyone possibly find God in the cracks of a road?  Street cracking is the result of earth movement and settling.  The tension and stress of the movement will weaken structures until they eventually break.   Applying this idea to my life, I realized  I can sometimes weaken,  feeling torn at times,  from stress and tension of daily circumstances.  Yet when I go to the Cross during difficulty my spirit is renewed.  My strength is restored, and I move forward once again in His peace.  God is in everything if we really seek Him.

Street names are placed on a pole in the form of Cross. These particular road signs tell us where we are.  They, infact,  prevent us from getting lost.  If we go to the Cross, we receive divine guidance that keeps us from getting lost in the adversities of life.  I even noticed how all the porches attached to some of the homes had cross-bars for stability and support of the roof structure. We all know that Christ gives us stability and support.  I recognized that these Crosses have always been around for me to see, but I never really scrutinized them the way I did today.  The Lord has always been with me, and by seeking Him, the Lord will always be with me in life and death. By going to the Cross, I have divine support, stability, and guidance in this life. By going to Christ, I will never be separated from God and will always be connected to Him in life, death, and the life hereafter. Praise God, who was, is, and always will be!  He is awesome!

"Lord, I hope I never pass you by again."

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