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Mon, Sep 24 2007 - 08:48 AM

here again, instead of typing, again!!

allright, i managed to ditch typin fof like a week but i got slamed so i'm here again while mom listens to the sound of rattling keys, and thinks that i'm accualy doing what i'm suposed to do. in a sense i am accualy practicing my typing, and i'll bet you 4.5 scents that it'll help in more ways that that infernal typing program will!! well ennywhay, i won that belching contest, my friend got secound, and my other friend got second for girls. so it went pretty well i thought. well i've ben going from this to that for about 19 minnets now and i think that i've typed enough to equate to atleast 17 of those other wrist cramping, mind numbing, eye murdering, blues playing .... what ever you could call such a thing!! so i guess i'll check back in in like soon.


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