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Thu, Sep 20 2007 - 05:28 PM


Greetings Beloved Christians meeting everywhere,

From the Church that meets in our home.  May peace and grace be yours.  I bring news.

A revolution is underway.  Much has been made lately of this New Reformation or Modern Reformation, and of Cell Church or House Church, and of Simple Church or Organic Church, and even the Emerging Church.  Each new contribution to the growing literature about this need for transformation brings us brilliant new ideas and proposes that we take this direction or that and employ this or that new technology to achieve the vision for the future of the Church.  As I have reflected on all this, however, I have come to a different understanding about what is needed.  When we meditate deeply on how Jesus went about his ministry and how he interacted with his disciples, and how the early Church began and where it met, and how the Church survived long periods of persecution, and how congregations are meeting today without official sanction or trained leadership or even access to the entire Bible, something new emerges that is, in fact, very ancient.  The future of the Church can only be found in God's original intention for the Church.

We will explore more about God's intention for the Church in the near future.

Love In Christ,  Jim and Nancy

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