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Sun, May 16 2010 - 12:04 AM

While We Wait


While We Wait

While we wait, God is working. While we sleep. God is working. He never sleeps or slumbers.

I'm not sure how many know that there are negotiations going on here at Praize. My husband and I are working to become the new owners. I say that with excitement and with humility. God put the dream in my heart many years ago. It has required much growth on my part. I am not the same timid creature I was ten years ago when I first signed on to Praize, knowing nothing about computers. Much of the credit for where I am today goes to Robbie Davidson, the creator of Praize.

Over the past ten years there have been bumps in my life and bumps in Praize. But my dream never wavered. You see, I know God. And I believe and trust Him. And now, Robbie has agreed to turn over his holdings in Praize to us, praise the Lord!!!

Several months ago I told you that there was a new owner, Ted Alston. Well, Ted decided to create a new website instead of going through all the work of updating Praize. Here is the URL to his new website: Go take a look around and get an idea of some things we might be able to do to improve Praize! We will still be keeping many of the areas that you love. Feel free to email me with any areas that are particularly meaningful to you.

While we wait for negotiations to be completed, we are looking at how to go about the updates. Take a good look at Praize. Click on things that you have never before clicked on. Praize is still the largest and most all-inclusive Christian site on the web. Maybe in ALL sites on the web. You can help us by letting me know what you would like to see stay and what you would like to see go. Please email me at I look forward to your input.

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