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Wed, Nov 29 2006 - 05:06 PM

Broken Bones

This has been a crazy few days.  My 11 year old son broke his collarbone the day before Thanksgiving.  He and his Dad were riding dirt bikes.  He was doing a little "jumping" and had a flat tire, but did not realize it.  When he landed, he lost control and the bike kind of "threw" him over the handle bars.  He said, "I saw the dirt coming and thought to myself, this is going to hurt!"  And it did. We spent a couple of hours in the ER only to be referred to the orthopedic specialist who couldn't see us until Monday! It is no fun to see your child in paid, but he is a tough one!  The doctor was impressed that he was so calm and shed so few tears.   I didn't write about this Thanksgiving Day because we did not know much then.  The ER doctor felt certain he would have surgery--but thankfully that was not the case!  We had a prayer chain going on that one!  Needless to say, we were all very thankful that his injury wasn't worse and it definitely could have been worse.  He is quite frustrated right now.  He cannot sleep well and all he can think about are the things that he can't do....... He can't play football.  He can't ride his dirtbike or his skateboard or his regular bike.  He can't jump on the trampoline and he can't even do handstands! My child is one that can never sit still and this confinement is driving him crazy! 

There are truly Godly lessons in the strangest things.  God used this thing with my son and a wonderful sermon that my brother-in-law gave me to tell me something.  My son keeps focusing on all of the things he cannot do.  In a way, I've been doiing the same thing.  I'm fretting about , my job.  Fretting about how the house is never clean.  Complaining because I never get in "down" time to relax.  Worrying about not having enough money.  Fretting because I'm not sure just what it is that God wants me to do.  

The lesson is not about us!  It is all about glorifying God and despite broken bones or dirty kitchens or stressful jobs!  There are so, so many things that we can do! God doesn't care about a broken bone--that certainly doesn't define who my son is or what important things he can do.  Nor does my stressful job or dirty kitchen define me!  I am a child of God and that is all that really matters! 

The sermon I am listening to is titled "God is about to do Something".  One point that really hit home for me is being one who "professes" instead of one who "possesses".  What he is saying is that so often Christians "profess" the work of God in other people but fail to "believe" that God will work the same way in their own lives.  It is like we believe it for other people and not for ourselves.  I think that may be me.  I worry too much instead of just trusting God and agreeing to do whatever He wants me to do and then just waiting for it.  My prayer is that I can "let go" and just trust God to lead me down the path that will bring him the most glory --and stop focusing on me and stop trying to figure it all out myself!    

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