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Sat, Jan 31 2004 - 03:23 AM

A few bad days..

Hey,  Well this month has really not been very good for me.  One of the Aunts in the family died in a car accident about a week ago.  This is how it happened.. She was on her break from work and she was starting to head toward a food place like Mc-Donalds or something.  She was driving down the road and a car was kinda coming at her.. She dodged and the like van thing flipped over like 3-4 times.  She was still in the car and had not even got swung out of the van thing!!  They had just got the van thing and to my understanding maybe she was use to driving a car and thought that it wouldn't hurt to dodge but with the van thingy it just flipped onto some land and had messed up the car.  My dad was SOO upset because he loved her so much and she was like the strongest woman in the family.  She was like the leader the one that wouldn't complain, wouldn't cry,  take care of you,  and would just be the best!  I am a hard to cry person so I am kinda a strong person.. Though my mom is REAL tender hearted!  But when it comes to when my dad is upset, or crying then it tears me up!  WE went to the like visitation not the day after the accident but the next day I believe.  There were so many family members there.  It was hard to see my Grandma and my Great Grandma crying.  Everybody was so upset!  I am upset to.  Not many times does a family member in my family die from being hurt.. The only time someone usally dies is because of a heartattack or something that has to deal with being older and stuff.  Though to me I found out that the Lord was trying to teach me through this accident that WE NEED TO PRAY MORE!  Everyone God is coming soon and I have seen the things that are said in the Bible that is suppose to happen at the end of time.  1. War, 2. THE BIGGEST THING IS MISSCOMMUNICATION! Lately I see people missunderstanding what people are actually saying or saying it in the wrong way.  Or saying something nice and the other person thinking that it was rude.  3. Family members turn against each other, and other little things..  ALL CHRISTIANS NEED to pray HARD this year!  Because the enemy has already started spreading the misscommunication throughout the net and through familys.  Misscommunication is the first thing that is the hardest to deal with in some cases.  I personally fight those things and don't let it happen at all.  Alot of things have been happening lately in my family and anyone that is willing to pray please pray along with me!  We need prayer for the Lord to watch over the elderly people in my family and watch over each of us and keep us all safe, for help in money situations, and for family problems.   There is also another big thing that has happend lately.  My Aunt got pregnant lately and the last thing I heard was she almost lost her baby.  THOUGH I do not know the whole story and what happened or anything but I'm kinda worried cause I don't want anything to happen to my aunt!  Well I better go..  Thanks for reading! 

-Remember to Pray Always!

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