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Tue, Oct 31 2006 - 09:51 PM

I dont' get it

By Your Side

Performed by Jamie Slocum

Words and Music by Jamie Slocum

And I know there's a plan for you
Your life has a purpose
There's hope beyond your broken road
Jesus set a place for you
At the front of the table with the weary and the wounded
And He's showing the way, the truth, the life for every day
So when you loose your way

Don't give up, don't give in
This is a race that you can win
Every time you get passed by
There is a reason why
God loves and believes in you
He knows the pain that you're going through
He's with you every step of the way
And He's by your side

When your life comes crashing in
You're a ship without a sail
Everything you've tried has failed you
Never thought you'd feel so sad
Its nightmare without end
It's getting harder to defend it
God will send his heavenly host to fight for you and help you walk on through it

K, I love songs because when I don't have the words they do!  This song hit my heart on so many levels this morning because it met me where I was at and in a way it said to me that's ok.  The chorus made me laugh.  I heard it on the radio, but what I heard was "don't give up, don't give in, this is a race that you can win, everytime you get that SMILE, there is a reason why!"  Haha, you see before I really knew what God was like I was drawn to God through music, nature and little cute children! They would just make me smile and I thought, "There must be a reason why" and when I was still in the occasional major doubt stage it was those little moments that made me smile and that said "God is real, you can trust Him."

It's those reminders of what my life was first like when I let God in.  It's remembering that God called me out of love and not for what I had to offer.  It's not on my shoulders to fix the world, or even to walk through my own life alone.  He's made a way, He has a plan and He's the guiding light.  It's my reminder to listen and follow instead of trying to come up with my own ideas.

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