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Sat, Oct 07 2006 - 12:40 AM

The Christian Club

The christian club in school I'm doing is alright. This is how i started it. I got the idea from a sunday study book. I went to my guidance conselor. The next day i came in with material from the seekers. She wanted me to go with this unity club that unites all religons and i was like no. Than she said she was going to show the material to the principal. After that a few weeks later the secretary of the princepal told me to meet him the next day during lunch. So the next day i fasted and i went. he said that i can do the club. By then i had gotten i contact with the seekers. I had test coming up so i had to put on hold to find the teacher. It was towards the end of the year when i fasted and broke it at lunch when i asked my teacher in spanish if she would like to supervise and she yes. I was so happy. I thank God for everything he has done.

God Bless


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About: I love to sing to the Lord. I'm a big reader. I'm still growing in my relationship with the Lord. Also I'm the first in my school to start a Christian Club.

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