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Fri, Oct 06 2006 - 03:42 PM


Hi everyone.

I just signed up for Praize. It's so amazing. I just would like to tell a few things that are going on right now. In school I just started a christian club that i am partnered up with the Seekers. The members and I are calling it The Remnant. This is the first time the school has ever had a club like this. So I need all the prayer I need. On top of that I might become my church youths' president. Hey but I thank God for all he has given me. The next post is going to be how I got the Christan club started.

Love your Sister in Christ,


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About: I love to sing to the Lord. I'm a big reader. I'm still growing in my relationship with the Lord. Also I'm the first in my school to start a Christian Club.

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