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Wed, Sep 13 2006 - 09:07 AM

Illustration by Florence Storer

This particular illustration of children and their parents singing in church is by Florence Storer. It is in the public domain. I think the gallery is the first to publish this drawing over the internet. Originaly this graphic was published by Charles Scribners Sons, October, 1912. Please be patient while it downloads, I've included this large version for those of you who would like to include it on a Sunday bulletin.

Sabbath in the sanctuary by H. M. 1873

To spend on sacred day
Where God and saints abide,
Affords diviner joy
Than thousand days beside:
Where God resorts, I love it more
To keep the door, than shine in courts.

God is our sun and shield,
Our light, and our defence:
With gifts his hands are filled;
We draw our blessings thence:
He shall bestow on Jacob's race
Peculiar grace, and glory too.

The Lord his people loves;
His hand no good withholds
From those his heart approves,
From pure and upright souls
Thrice happy he, O God of hosts!
Whose spirit trusts alone in thee.
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