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Sat, Jul 01 2006 - 11:17 AM

Only the lonely

Hey, everybody Jen here.

Ok, so get this Summer '06 is all me. I'm all alone. All my friends are on vacation. Plus big announcement...WE'RE MOVING! *again* (sigh).

It's weird everyone in my neighborhood is moving since I move alot...I could maybe be a professional mover. lol. Life's great Summer 06 I have a feeling something exciting will happen. Well as you know 4th of July is coming.

Me and my 'rents are gonna hit the road of course. I cannot believe it so much has changed since January 06.

News Flash:

I always love the summer it's my fave season.

But I'm all jitters over something I don't know.

I have a feeling SOMETHING might happen.


Well all for now still the same little old me....only with a different zip code.

                         Yours Truly


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