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Fri, May 26 2006 - 07:51 AM

Graphics for native ministries.

"When finally you see the Lord in the eyes of your enemies,
then you know that God Is Glorified."

quote, Kathy Grimm

"Go teach all nations."

Go forth, ye messengers of God
Go forth in Jesus' name,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod,
Salvation to proclaim.

O'er frozen seas, and burning plains,
Your steady course pursue;
Where sin abounds, and Satan reigns,
Let mercy triumph too.

Lord, hasten on thy glorious time,
That we may soon behold
The saints, from every land and clime,
All gathered in one fold.

Hope in God

Encompassed with clouds of distress
Just ready all hope to resign,
I pant for the light of thy face,
And fear it will never be mine:

Disheartened with waiting so long,
I sink at thy feet with my load;
All plaintive I pour out my song,
And stretch forth my hands unto God.

Shine, Lord, and my terror shall cease;
The blood of atonement apply,
And lead me to Jesus for peace--
The rock that is higher than I :

Almighty to rescue thou art;
Thy grace is my sheild and my tower;
Oh, visit and gladden my heart;
Let this be the day of thy power.

native proverb

The request by C.M.

Father, whate'er of earthly bliss
Thy sovereign will denies,
Accepted at thy throne of grace
Let this petition rise :--

"Give me a calm, a thankful heart,
From every murmur free;
The blessings of thy grace impart,
And let me live to thee.

Let the sweet hope that thou art mine,
My life and death attend--
Thy presence through my journey shine,
And crown my journey's end."
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