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Healing Fire

Katie Souza and Patricia King share more about the fire of God and the coming move of the Spirit when His fire will

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prayer request

Prayer for Branson Tragedy, please...

July 20, 2018

Having lived in Branson for a number of years, it broke my heart to se...

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Please Pray for these children

July 17, 2018

Amen! Thank you Sarah....

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Please Pray for these children

July 16, 2018

Father God, we can't even begin to imagine how awful you feel when you...

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blog post

Recipe of the Week

Jul Sat 21 2018 - wolvienne

2018-07-21 09:07:15 Bacon and Brussels Sprouts &

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The Potter

Jul Tue 17 2018 - jesuslives2

I am out of rehab, I was discharged on July 3 I

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Recipe of the Week

Jul Sat 14 2018 - wolvienne

2018-07-15 00:47:02 Frozen Strawberry Crunch

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China's Atheist Communist Party Demolishes Mega-Church


Witnesses say authorities with the atheistic

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Faith on the Field: FCA Brings the Gospel to Thousands of Coaches and Athletes


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is on

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'A Cesspool of Political Bias': Nikki Haley on Leaving UN Human Rights Council


Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

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Happy Independance Day - 2014

To all our friends in the USA, we wish you blessings today, July 4.  On this day in 1776, Godly men, led by the Spirit of God, declared that the original 13 colonies were independent from England, opening the door to spread...

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