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Dr. Charles Stanley on the In Touch Ministries January 25, 2015 broadcast

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prayer request

Pray for Angela

January 22, 2015

Sorry I am late with the update. She is home now and still on oxygen c...

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Please pray..

January 14, 2015

Lilnit, thanks for posting your prayer request. These forums ARE for p...

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Please pray..

January 13, 2015

BHey everyone.. I need prayer... And lots of it... First off.. 1) my h...

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blog post

Busy Bee, thats me!

Jan Mon 26 2015 - gotgod123

Hey Family, Ok so update, I have completed the

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The Good Report

Jan Mon 26 2015 - hisdiscipleinTemecula

Luke 12:8-9 (NKJV) “Also I say to you,

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Todays verse for thought and meditation

Jan Sun 25 2015 - Probiblos1962

“To whom God would make known what is the

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Ebola Doc: I Held to Prayer 'Like a Drowning Man'


After spending several weeks battling the deadly

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US Works to Aid Japan after ISIS Executes Hostage


U.S. officials say they are working to help free

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Dozens Dead in Boko Haram Attack on Nigerian City


Nigeria's military fought back against a Boko

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More on Mail

We hve had several responses from people interested in having Praize email.  I imagine that there are some more that would like it but have not responded.  We need to work out few things to finalize it, and I will keep...

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