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Watchman Anointing

God uses watchmen prophetically to bring order in chaos & victory in the midst of attacks

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prayer request

Prayer needed for M7thProphet's wife...

November 21, 2017

Jim, my friend, I do not dispute miracles of healing. I am very happy ...

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Prayer needed for M7thProphet's wife...

November 21, 2017


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Prayer needed for M7thProphet's wife...

November 21, 2017

Heavenly Father, We read in Scripture concerning the healing power of ...

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blog post

Some Best Tips and Tricks to Write an Effective EBook

Nov Thu 23 2017 - Elizabethdavid530

In short, one can successfully write a creative

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Some Key Tips to Analyze Data for Dissertation

Nov Wed 22 2017 - Angelajohn965

Dissertation writing is considered as an

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Looking for Zechariah / Elizabeth Christmas duet

Nov Wed 22 2017 - UtahRev

I think it was in the early 80s.  There was

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US, S. Korean Soldiers Awarded Medals for Rescuing N. Korean Defector


On Thursday, six U.S. and South Korean soldiers

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Video Captures North Korean Soldier's Dramatic Escape to Freedom


On the cold, gray afternoon of Nov. 13, a lone

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UN Court Convicts Mladic of Genocide Over Bosnia’s Horrors


The United Nations’ Yugoslav war crimes tribunal

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praizeop2's blog

Another Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving again! I'm sure I mention every year that Thanksgiving brings with it a lot of birthdays.  It starts with PraizeOP's on November 3 and continues from there.  My sister-in-law, two of my sons, a grandson,...

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