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Why You Need The Church & The Church Needs You

Pastor Greg Laurie at Harvest Fellowship in Riverside, CA

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Florida Tropical Storms

September 11, 2017

Just received a note from Jim's wife Debbie that they are fi...

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Florida Tropical Storms

September 11, 2017

Good to hear that you are safe. This morning the storm is down to a Ca...

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Florida Tropical Storms

September 10, 2017

Thanks for the good report. It is 7:41 PDT now and we are looking for ...

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The Practical Christian Series - Strife.

Sep Sat 23 2017 - ChristnMenow

In God’s world, strife is an abomination

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I am Woman; hear me purr ?

Sep Wed 20 2017 - ChristnMenow

No, I did not get it wrong; contrary to the

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Letter to the Faithful - Be Thankful !

Sep Mon 18 2017 - ChristnMenow

Be thankful in all things for by this are we the

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NASA's Asteroid-Chasing Spacecraft Swings by Earth Headed to Space Rock


Amazing Spacecraft Comes Close to Earth on

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New N Korean Earthquake Raises Suspicion, but It May Not Have Been Nuclear


The site of the quake is near where North Korea

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ACLJ: American Pastor in 'Extraordinary Danger;' Group Continues to Fight for 'Immediate Freedom'


The American Center for Law and Justice continues

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Creative Writing Blogs

It seems that lately people have chosen to use Praize as an advertising venue for creative writing students. Right off the top, this is against the Praize Terms of Service which can be found at  The...

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