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e-Bible 101 Lesson 5

The book of Leviticus written by Moses is one of the books of the Law. Leviticus comes from the name Levites.

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prayer request

Emergency prayer needed.

May 24, 2016

Thank you again, Sarah. Teresa and I went to Gainesville to see her. S...

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Emergency prayer needed.

May 23, 2016

I'm in agreement with your prayer for Angela to return home, Alf. And ...

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Emergency prayer needed.

May 23, 2016

Thank you Sarah and M7th. I'm not forgetting you either Jeanne. They j...

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blog post

REAL LIFE--on the Highway of Holiness

May Mon 23 2016 - Cindyseipva

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:   My

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May Mon 23 2016 - m7thprophet

When I was growing up at home and going to church

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May Sun 22 2016 - m7thprophet

1st scripture reference 12 “But even

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Muslim Group on Extremism: 'We Keep Denying the Source of the Problem'


Muslim Group on Extremism: 'We Keep Denying the

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Immigration Lawyer says US Government is Persecuting Him for Helping Christians


Immigration Lawyer says US Government is

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Pope-Imam Meeting Herald's Renewed Catholic-Muslim Relations


Pope-Imam Meeting Herald's Renewed Catholic

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Bless Jesus!

I am SO blessed!  Is anyone as blessed as I?  All I have to do is look around to see how blessed I am.  Thank You, Jesus, for the many blessings You have afforded me.  I am grateful! If one begins to look...

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