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Authority Over Darkness

Dr. Christian Harfouche reveals that the power of Christ overcomes every attack of the enemy

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prayer request

8 year old boy needs prayer

September 20, 2018

Thank you Sarah and God bless...

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8 year old boy needs prayer

September 20, 2018

Father, thank You for saving this boy's life. Please continue to heal ...

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8 year old boy needs prayer

September 18, 2018

Please pray for an 8 year old in Mississippi who had an accident on hi...

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blog post

Recipe of the Week

Sep Sat 22 2018 - wolvienne

2018-09-23 00:06:22 Hawaiian Cocktail Franks

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Sep Sat 22 2018 - stephen0porter

Mark 13:35 Watch ye therefore: for ye know not

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The Law !

Sep Mon 17 2018 - ChristnMenow

The Law of Life is for life! But does not

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Militants Attack Iran Military Parade, Killing at Least 25


Militants disguised as soldiers opened fire

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'He's Put a Pause in Putin's Step': Crisis Averted in Syria, Trump & Erodgan Credited


This week, Turkish President Erdogan met with

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September Heat...

  September At Last!   Summer has been long this year in Arizona.   And I wasn’t even required to be out in the heat.  Many days were over 110 degrees.   The only thing that this...

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