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Pushed Out

Pastor T. D. Jakes on The Potter's House December 14, 2014 broadcast

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prayer request

Finals week

December 10, 2014

Hey guys, could you please pray for all the people that are doing ther...

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Pray for Wayne age 54

November 25, 2014

Father, I lift this precious woman up to you as she gets her new teeth...

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Pray for Wayne age 54

November 24, 2014

for your prayers and faithfulness to the Lord. I have an update on Way...

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blog post


Dec Wed 17 2014 - jesuslives2

Last year my mom bought me the greatest gift of

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My Testimony by Jane Ward

Dec Tue 16 2014 - TheElizabethCompany

It is interesting that my last post in 2012 was a

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First Christmas in Heaven

Dec Mon 15 2014 - jesuslives2

There is a poem that my dad read in church 9

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Australian PM: Cafe Gunman Dropped from Watch List


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is looking

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Brutal Winter Looms for Iraq Refugees, Until...


Unlike last Christmas, many Iraqi Christians say

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Battered Ukraine Wary of Wounded Russian Bear


The Russian economy is now crumbling, and some

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Sleigh bells ring...

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?  An old song.  Some of the younger members of Praize might not even know of it.  Times are changing, and in a lot of ways it is sad.  War and more war.  People...

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