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How Do I Overcome Guilt

Everyday Answers from Joyce

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prayer request

Sad News

January 30, 2019

Please pray Urgent prayer request. "Pray for the Church in lndia. 20 c...

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Pray for Pastor Tun N of Myanmar

January 26, 2019

Thank you Sarah and Amen! Allen...

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Pray for Pastor Tun N of Myanmar

January 26, 2019

Allen, Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for him. M...

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blog post

Recipe of the Week

Apr Sun 21 2019 - wolvienne

2019-04-21 08:32:51 Blueberry Cobbler Butter

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Daily Verse

Apr Sat 20 2019 - Allen4862

Psalms 51:12Restore to me the joy of your

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Team up with UK homework experts to finish your university assignments

Apr Sat 20 2019 - stefancarl

Are You Seeking Homework Help? Talk to Our

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Easter Sunday Bomb Blasts Kill at Least 207 in Sri Lanka


More than 200 people were killed and hundreds

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Presidential Writer’s Amazing ‘God’ Story: From Homelessness and Abuse to Victory


Douglas MacKinnon has had a fascinating life and

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From Practicing Witchcraft to Worshipping Jesus Christ in Cuba


Santeria — a form of modern witchcraft that fuses

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April Blog

Another month, and the year is a quarter gone already.  I’d say I am getting lazy, but I do too much to say such a thing!  Anyway, I am glad I am getting to my blog early in the month. A lot going on here…...

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