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God Is Not Mad At You!

Brother Mike teaches us to quit condemning ourselves

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prayer request

Pastors Preparing to Run for Office

January 28, 2015

We need good, God fearing men in offices more than ever. Our Muslim pr...

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Pastors Preparing to Run for Office

January 27, 2015

Let's support these pastors in prayer! Pray for David Lane and his cla...

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Pray for Angela

January 22, 2015

Sorry I am late with the update. She is home now and still on oxygen c...

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blog post

From/for our friends across "the pond"...

Jan Thu 29 2015 - robertcarley

I once heard a man speak in church and it

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Today's Bible verse

Jan Wed 28 2015 - Probiblos1962

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must

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Last Days happening now

Jan Wed 28 2015 - 2anne

As you look around its not difficult to see that

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Pastor Saeed Letter Thanks President Obama


American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who is imprisoned

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Battle Is His: 'Brave German Woman' Draws Backlash


Heidi Mund is a Christian German woman with a

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Cuba Demands US Relinquish Guantanamo Bay


Cuba is calling the U.S. to turn over its

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More on Mail

We hve had several responses from people interested in having Praize email.  I imagine that there are some more that would like it but have not responded.  We need to work out few things to finalize it, and I will keep...

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