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Considering Yourself

Brother Keith at Faith Life Church in Branson. MO

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prayer request

It is a "WIN - WIN" situation!

June 11, 2018


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Please pray for Teresa

June 10, 2018

Well...I hope and you can pray. I hope that Teresa also follows practi...

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It is a "WIN - WIN" situation!

June 9, 2018

Jim, to live is Christ but to die is gain... Phil. 1:21 This...

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blog post

Global Assignment Help Australia

Jun Wed 20 2018 - hayleygeorge14

Global Assignment Help Australia is dedicated to

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Time to Hire the Best Assignment Helpers

Jun Wed 20 2018 - henrywilson2278

Instant Assignment Help Australia is committed to

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Our Father !

Jun Mon 18 2018 - ChristnMenow

And just to be clear; having a Dad who isn&rsquo

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Trudeau: Canada to Legalize Marijuana on Oct. 17


Marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada

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New Zealand Following in America's Footsteps? Bible Study in Schools Case Fast-Tracked to High Court


The US is not the only country wrestling with the

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Nicaragua Mission Teams Cancel Trip as Political Unrest Increases


Ministry leaders across the United States have

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Have You Ever Heard of Terms & Agreements?

Hi, everyone! Can you believe that June is already here?  Of course here in Phoenix we really had no winter.  I did wear a light jacket on a couple of days, but hardly ever a sweater.  There were a couple of snow...

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