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Kerry Shook from The Woodlands in Texas

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prayer request

Terror Attack in New York...

December 9, 2017

My prayers have been with them since the event took place. Like you, I...

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Possible surgery

December 9, 2017

My prayers are with you. Just never forget that God gas everything und...

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Possible surgery

December 1, 2017

Thank you I will definatly keep you update I am not totally sure if I ...

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blog post

Love the Neighbore and More

Jan Tue 16 2018 - ASCombs2662

 In Genesis 1:26, we read that man was

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Recipe of the Week

Jan Sun 14 2018 - wolvienne

2018-01-14 09:30:29 Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

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Jan Sat 13 2018 - stephen0porter

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace

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Victims Claim UN Peacekeepers Sexually Abusing Women and Children in Central African Republic


Despite a 2017 initiative to fight sexual

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'We Won't Accept a Nuclear North': US, Korean War Allies Reunite to Combat N Korea Threat


The U.S. gathers its old Korean War allies to

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Plane Dangles Off Cliff After Skidding Off Runway in Turkey


A commercial plane that skidded off a runway

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praizeop2's blog

Another New Year...

Hap, hap, happy new year! I’m really excited about 2018 and the following years.  I am reminded of the early years of the United States when there was SO much going on in the world!  Of course they didn’t...

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